About Me

 I started hiking in my home range, the White Mountains of New Hampshire. I soon realized that spending time in the woods is an easy way to find absolute freedom. It allows one to escape the distractions and noise of daily life and focus on each step, scene, and friend. In four years, I’d bagged all 48 4000′ peaks in NH and continued into New York and Maine. Since then, I’ve gone westward to remote terrain and unique places, falling in love with the sport and its many facets. I started running to train for my first backpacking trip. Now I race both on foot and on cross country skis. Trail ultra running recently became a passion as I explore my home section of the Appalachian Trail. Each of these pastimes would never have grown into major parts of my identity without the supportive family to whom I am infinitely thankful.

I am passionate about exploring the wilderness and writing about those hard-earned memories. I’ve hiked in many National Parks and wilderness areas across the US, and I cannot wait to explore more. This blog is dedicated to providing helpful information, tips, and inspiration for anyone looking to feel the freedom found deep in nature. My goal is to create a resource that everyone, from seasoned backpackers to beginners just starting out, can use to plan a unforgettable trip. So go, find a trail, and hike it!

Up and over!



My Travel Buddies


My dad, Jim, was the first person to bring me to the Whites when I was only five. Over the years, we have been on many trips, expanding in difficulty and distance. He is happiest hiking in remote places, preferring solitude in untouched locations. Jim worked on trail crews in NH while in college, so he brings a unique perspective on trail design.

His latest passion is “high routing” (traversing to stay as high as possible without using advanced climbing equipment). We recently hiked the Wind River High Route in Wyoming together, and we are planning future excursions to the Cascades and Sierras.

His passion for every aspect of hiking always yields a memorable, quality experience.


Kathryn loves sightseeing her way through nature. With our method of exploring national parks (dubbed “box checking”), we make sure to visit each point of interest. She likes to pack light and move fast, so we can get the most out of each day. Kathryn is also a decent distance runner. We often push ourselves to our limits to finish a route. As a good mom, she carefully checks if our challenges are doable within the planned amount of time.

Recently, we ran the Teton Crest Trail in Grand Teton National Park, an incredible experience (and challenge). We have also done many backpacking trips in the northeast. Each year we complete the longest-day-of-the-year challenge, hiking from dawn until dusk.

Kathryn is an incredible vacation planner who deserves credit for many of the trips on the site.